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Brian Cunningham

Our plan to ensure ongoing access to medical and mental health care and to increase access to dental care has evolved for many reasons. What has not changed is our commitment to sustain a healthcare clinic in the heart of Arlington for our current patients and for future generations of patients to come.

On June 18, 2016, BVHC purchased the former Lonergan & Thomas building at 18 Church Street followed by the acquisition of our current location, 9 Church Street on July 8th. Preserving the integrity and appearance of historic downtown Arlington, we embarked on a nine-month renovation project that was both ambitious and needed. The contractors and partners throughout the renovations created a working environment that was safe, and because it was a staged project, there were no interruptions to patient services; something we are very proud of.

On May 16, 2017, our dental clinic opened, providing greater access to those in need of oral care.

In keeping with the federally qualified health center mission, we are proud to announce that BVHC recently received funding to expand access to mental health services and substance abuse services focusing on the treatment, prevention, and awareness of opioid abuse. We are in the process of putting this grant funding into action and have begun offering these services to our current patients.

On behalf of the BVHC board of directors, our clinical and administrative teams, I thank our many community partners for your ongoing support; together we can strengthen our community by improving the health of all our neighbors.


Dr. Brian Cunningham, Board Chair

BVHC Autism Support