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Since 2013, our plan to ensure ongoing access to medical and mental health care and to increase access to dental care has evolved for many reasons. What has not changed is our commitment to a 30-year strategy to sustain a healthcare clinic in the town of Arlington, for our current patients and for future generations of patients to come.

With change comes the opportunity to create. On June 18, 2016, BVHC purchased the former Lonergan & Thomas building (18 Church Street) followed by the acquisition of our current location, 9 Church Street on July 8th. Our goal is to create a full service clinical campus in the heart of Arlington’s village by renovating and re-purposing both buildings over the next three years.

As we embark on this ambitious renovation project, we are energized by the idea of preserving the integrity and appearance of historic downtown Arlington. The Church Street Clinical Campus Project begins with the renovation of our existing building which began September 2016. Because it is a staged project, there will be no interruption to existing services.

I am also excited to share with you that beginning in spring/summer 2017, 9 Church Street will house a new, state of the art dental clinic managed by Dr. Stephen Phillips, BVHC’s Chief Dental Officer.

The vision for the 18 Church Street building is evolving, but preliminary plans include an acute care clinic for BVHC patients as well as a CLIA certified lab. Dr. Richard Barbierri – who will continue to see dental patients in his current office space – and BVHC are finalizing a formal working relationship; a very exciting time for our community.


Grace Gilbert-Davis Chief Executive Officer

BVHC Autism Support