We are here for you.

BVHC offers a variety of care management programs to help you navigate your own healthcare. At the center of each of our care management programs, is a loving and knowledgeable team ready to help you find the resources and information you may need, to get the help that you want.

Our care programs can help you:

  • Get connected to lifesaving services
  • Connect to medical and dental appointments with BVHC providers easily
  • Find the right substance use and mental health program for you
  • Find out if you are eligible for certain entitlements
  • Advocate on your behalf to obtain entitlements
  • Help identify stable housing resources available to you
  • Connect to legal resources
  • Enroll in supportive services with people just like you, in a judgement-free setting

Meet BVHC’s nurse case manager and learn more about the Vermont Blueprint for Health program here.