Always dedicated and devoted.

  • What will the renovations mean to patients? Your well-being and healthcare is our priority. During renovations, we will continue to offer convenient office hours and quality care. Should you have any concerns, please bring them to our attention by calling (802) 375-6566.
  • How long are renovations expected to last? The 9 Church Street renovations are taking place in stages to avoid any interruption to services. As with any renovation project, there may be unforeseeable postponements. Our seven new medical exam rooms are expected to be ready in February 2017. The dental operatories will operational by spring/summer 2017. This is an ambitious renovation project. It is our hope to be fully completed by September of 2017.
  • Are new services being added? BVHC is thrilled to expand services to include dental. Four state-of-the-art operatories will be up and running June 2017 and be managed by Dr. Stephen Phillips. Dr. Phillips has provided general dentistry to patients of all ages for 37 years. The BVHC dental team, welcomes those interested in becoming a patient to call (802) 375-6566 in the spring to register. Dental services are open to everyone, regardless if they are a medical patient of BVHC or not.
  • Will the renovations affect the quality of care patients receive? Absolutely not. Our mission is focused on putting the wants and needs of our patients at the forefront of what we do. That will remain true during the renovations and long after they are completed.
  • What is being done to ensure safety throughout the construction process? The fundamental approach for a safe environment for patients, staff and the public will be in maintaining a clear separation between construction and medical practices. Areas that will remain open during renovations will be separated from construction by interior partitions and exterior fencing. 
  • What can patients do to be safe during renovations? We encourage patients to follow instructions when posted during specific events. At times, the parking lot will have trucks making deliveries and the vehicles of those working on site. Patients should be aware of space and bring any concerns to the attention of BVHC staff.
  • Where can you see updates about the renovations and fundraising? You can visit our website to view photos and additional information or stay informed via Facebook.
  • How can you help? You can contribute to the Church Street Clinical Campus Project. Gifts in any amount are welcomed and are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.